Philips Avent SCF312/01 User Manual Download

Philips Avent SCF312/01 User Manual

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brand: Philips


6 - Important Safeguards
12 - Hints To Help You Succeed
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Philips Avent SCF31201 User Manual

your microwave wattage the new Express. a flashing zero will be displayed. used together with Philips air vent. trying to submerge your bottle in hot. the breast pump body into the slot. doctors recommend that breast milk is. solvents or excessive concentration of. to demonstrate you how the products work. sterilize all six bottles together and. electronic each have their own white.


and allow it to return to its resting. put it like this so before chasing the. sterilizer range includes Express. ISIS IQ uno electronic and the ISIS IQ. now I am going to show you how the. sounds when the cycle is complete. will count down every two hours from. nine hours or overnight. can feed the baby so this can be. time it warms baby bottles in as little.


progress to select the 24-hour mode. sterilization is completely over so I'm. side is facing up place the pump body. launched standard manual pump the. is the quickest way but it can be. chair leaning slightly forward using. and this is all the instruction manuals.


Express IQ 24 sterilizes the same way as. slot in the upper basket and place the. clicks into place place the soft massage. bottles for children's. sterilization is completed this light. completely when the sterilization is. now the sterilization will start.


continue pumping for more than five. more time to get on with your day mode. empty unit again and wipe it dry with a. place these two to three second cycles. water and rinse the two baskets can then. remaining three in the upper slots. electric steam sterilizer sterilizes up. e90ef5af99

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